Saturday, March 01, 2008

Stuff White People Like

So one time I was at this healing-from-racism conference, and the woman leading it was like, "Emily, I have a vision of you one day doing stand-up comedy about the neurosis of white people and helping us laugh at our selves." Laughter's the best medicine and all that, but I sort of think she was making fun of me? Also, I think she didn't watch much stand-up, or she'd know that they all talk about race.

Anyway, you'll be spared hearing all my, "I'm so white" jokes (like your mama jokes, but less funny and more neurotic), because there's a blog out there, recommended to me by the one, the only, Elizabeth, which does it better than I ever could: Stuff White People Like. If only I had read this blog before I tried to relive Dangerous Minds.

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