Monday, March 03, 2008


Not sure how this will help save PPL, but far be it from me to question the power of Edith Wharton. I wish they spelled it without the hyphen, so you could pronounce it froh-main instead of frohm-inn.


andria said...

I'm so torn on this one because I LOVE reading marathons, but I HATE HATE HATE Ethan Frome. I suppose I could always get drunk first, but then I'd just fall asleep.
Are you going?

xemilyx said...

Yup, although I'm planning on showing up fashionably late. Personally, I occasionally enjoy watching/listening to things I hate, because it gives me the opportunity to do 2 things I love: 1)roll my eyes, and 2)make snide comments.

Anonymous said...

I could watch Liam Neeson play the part forever, but I suppose that doesn't count.