Monday, February 11, 2008

The Children's Book Hiatus Draws Near

OK, here's what I'm reading so far (but I reserve the right to weed):
So I've got sci-fi, horror, mystery, plus some "concrete realism," (or whatever the trendy word for grown-up realistic fiction is). I've got a couple of ideas for non-fiction, but I'm not ready to declare them.

But observe: all of these books were written by men! How did this happen? Help!


andria said...

I KNOW!!!! I often find that even though I devour chick-lit like it's so much... delicious non-specific foodstuff, all of my "smart" books, and most of my favorite books were written by stupid old men. That said: Hotel World by Ali Smith-- nominated for the Booker Prize approx 2002-- a little different, but damn is it interesting.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember recommending some non-fiction written by a seminal, late-1800s American feminist... *cough* *cough*