Wednesday, December 19, 2007

HTSMC Step 3: How about a little friendly competition?

I just couldn't leave that depressing post at the top of my page. So here are links to a brilliant way to teach Go using a 9X9 board instead of the whole 19X19 spread. For those who don't know, Go is a Japanese board game that's featured in the Manga and Anime series Hikaru No Go, which is surprisingly entertaining for a series about a 6th grader learning to play a board game.

If you have kids that like chess and kids that like Manga, this might be the perfect program. There are instructions for the capturing game on the Hikaru No Go DVD, but you can also find them here, here, and here. Making your own Go boards is quite a project. Or you could just make little 9X9 boards with markers and cardboard. Or buy the real thing. Want to beat the kids? Practice online. I'm going to try running a Go program over Christmas break ...

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