Friday, November 30, 2007

Now, I ask you

Is this culturally accurate?


Anonymous said...

Oh my, that's disturbing. How's this for some swedish culture?

Amy Barlow said...

In my case, I'd say so.

Rene Saldana, Jr. said...

I loved Pippy Longstocking growing up in deep South Texas, never knowing that she was a Swedish character (though not as well-regarded as Lindgren's Emil). It wasn't until I met and then years later married my wife who grew up in Uppsala that I found out about AL as a great author. On my recent trip to Sweden (I got back only yesterday) we had thought our boys would like to visit AL's park in Vimmerby but it is too expensive to visit, especially since the dollar is so weak now. Though they view, in large part, of America and Americans is pretty skewed too, I have to say. Anyway, some of my favorite writers now are Swedes: Morberg and Mankell (who I met briefly on this trip, also; at a book signing in Stockholm). I'm presently reading his novel DEPTHS, and have to learn to at the very least read Swedish to read the new title I had him sign.