Friday, November 16, 2007

How to Start a Manga Club Step 1: Buy Wired

HTSMC. Hmmmm. Shall we pronounce it "Hot Smack"? The series should really be called How to Start a Manga Club When You're Not Even Sure How to Pronounce it. (All the cool people seem to be saying "MAHN-ga" instead of "MAYNE-ga.")

To be more clear: I knew almost nothing about Manga until a few weeks ago, and now I'm running a club at my library, and since I'm not the only person asking the question, "What do you actually do at a Manga club?" I thought I'd answer the question by sharing what I'm doing.

First of all, I'm buying this month's issue of Wired. Actually, I already did that last night. Yes! I can check step 1 off my list! This month's issue has a history of Manga written in Manga format. It also has an article on the boom of fan fiction-type Manga (also known as copyright in fringement, right?).

I used the dojinshi article to spawn a short discussion about copying and copyright at our Manga club meeting yesterday. Like I said, the discussion was short. Very short. But they were busy with their drawings, so I comfort myself.

I also gave them some dialogue from the first volume of Samurai Champloo (more on this particular series soon) and told them to imagine what was happening and then draw it. When they had finished, we compared one another's interpretations and then looked at the original. This was supposed to demonstrate something about the interdependence between words and images in comics. Only I never really explained that. We just had fun. Here's the dialogue:
Hey man, your hand!
Hand? My hand!
One dumpling for one hand.
At these prices, I'll never get full.

Related: Quill and Quire compares the Japanese publishing industry's compromise with dojinshi (amature Manga) to DC Comic's online agenda. (via Mangablog.)

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