Saturday, June 16, 2007

Where your mouth is

I'm alittle late with this, but in case you don't read the ProJo religiously, here's a bullet point summary of the June 14 article:
  • The city and PPL signed a contract, but the city council has to approve it.
  • The city is contributing $3.3 million this year, with cost of living increases every year following.
  • They're establishing something called a Library Partnership Advisory Committee. I assume this is a variation on the theme of "Municipal Library Services Board." In the words of the article, this board will "oversee finances across the library system, though the body would have no authority over the PPL’s trustees."* So what exactly do they have authority over? City/state money? Can the trustees trump them there, too?
  • Ten people are being laid off.
  • Fox Point, Smith Hill, Olneyville, South Providence and Wanskuck will be open 28½ hours a week instead of 30, and all branches will be closed for lunch and dinner (because there will no longer be enough staff to cover breaks).
Ignore the rah-rah nut graph about "ending a years-long dispute over library service and establishing the first written agreement in the history of their 100-year relationship." Seriously, does anyone really think the problems are over?

*I hear that there's already some formula for how to populate this board, but no one can tell me exactly what it is or how people will be selected. But don't worry, there are going to be representatives of the people.

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