Friday, May 11, 2007

From glorious to glamorous

So at Olneyville I met (although I didn't realize it) the gentleman in charge of the library show at Firehouse 13. There's not a ton of info on the website, so here's the call for artists' work that was on the RISCA blog (although the deadline was April 13). I was first informed of this show by someone who wanted to know if I could get bootleg library cards for people from out of state--since the ads say you have to have a PPL card to get in. Very VIP. Anyway, I thought a gallery of library artwork was deliciously kitchsy, but now that I know it's also in support of our glorious cause, I thought I'd plug it, too.

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abarlow said...

LOL. You outed "the plan," now all is lost to my CT conspirators, as Firehouse is sure to be checking for fakes.